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Akshi Dangi


Mr. Amit Sinha

Urmul Desert Crafts


Objective: Create a new garment collection for Urmul Desert Crafts (UDC) that appeals to the emerging market of ambitious working women seeking contemporary, value-for-money artisanal products.
Project Aim:
-Expand UDC's customer base beyond the traditional middle-aged affluent women.
-Offer refreshing, innovative, and contemporary designs that resonate with the new target market.
-Showcase the value of artisanal products as fashion-forward wardrobe essentials, that appeal to a wider audience
-Integrate social media-friendly marketing and storytelling elements to attract lead customers through Instagram and other preferred channels.
Key Considerations:
-Retain UDC's core strength of handcrafted, traditional, and craft-based products.
-Incorporate elements that align with the aspirations and preferences of the new working women demographic.
-Ensure the collection offers both style and substance, beating fast fashion competitors in innovation and quality.
-Highlight the craft revival and artisanal benefits as a bonus for the customers.


Akshi Dangi
Akshi Dangi
Akshi Dangi
Akshi Dangi