Jerusha Christina Jose


Jerusha Christina Jose


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This project delves deep into the profound themes of Loss, Grief, and Bereavement, aiming to shed light on the intricate and challenging journey experienced by those left behind.
While it may be labeled as a graphic design project, it encompasses extensive research and heartfelt empathy for the diverse ways in which grief, as a universal experience, is
uniquely navigated by each individual.

The objective was to intimately understand the grieving process and extend support to those who have been enveloped by the darkness of losing a loved one. Through this project, one can only aspire to provide solace and guidance, empowering individuals to discover their own
paths of healing and restoration. I firmly believe that the loss of a loved one should never result in the loss of one's own life, and it is my earnest intention to address this profound

In these pages, you will find a collection of visual narratives, thoughtful design elements, and carefully curated resources that endeavor to illuminate the complex emotions and challenges associated with grief. The aim is to create a compassionate space, fostering understanding, connection, and the promotion of resilience.

May this project serve as a source of comfort, validation, and inspiration to all who find themselves navigating the intricate landscapes of loss. Together, let us embrace the healing power of art, design, and human connection, as we embark on a journey towards hope, restoration, and the rediscovery of self.


Jerusha Christina Jose
Jerusha Christina Jose
Jerusha Christina Jose
Jerusha Christina Jose