Manika Vishwakarma

Essence of Our Traditions in Modern Material Making

Manika Vishwakarma


Mr. Ashok Mondal

Lemon Design Pvt. Ltd.


This project is the translation of my passion for Creativity and love for Design.
Himachal Pradesh, a new terrain for me to explore. This place has taught me a lot in terms of culture and traditional values. As
a creative person and love for materials, I believe this place has lot to explore. For months I have been exploring different kind
of materials that can cater to future scenarios. A place abundant with raw material that is yet to be explored and skills yet to be
I want to make this project and example for this region, to promote locals to preserve such ancient practices that hold the key for
future scenarios and solutions for Design problems.


Manika Vishwakarma
Manika Vishwakarma
Manika Vishwakarma