Nitya Gianani

Interactive Origami Table Lamp

Nitya Gianani


Mr. Shashank Mehta

G. M. Modular Pvt. Ltd.


Products of the future are getting smarter, more flexible and more human. this project is an attempt to understand the need of the future and cater to it.

This project began as an investigation into the field of lighting. As time went on, I became more interested in modular lighting, lighting with fascinating interactions, and lamps that promote physical and mental well-being.

After researching consumer trends and the lighting market, the idea evolved into the development of a playful flexible lamp that would provide a tranquil environment and aid in one's wellness.

I began experimenting with various methods for achieving this product, and origami proved to be the most intriguing.

After experimenting with several designs and tessellations in Origami, I concluded that the Magic Ball tessellation was the most appropriate because of its flexibility of movement.

I then focused on how the form would evolve and how a user would interact with it and what mechanisms could be used to make the origami move in interesting ways.


Nitya Gianani
Nitya Gianani
Nitya Gianani