Ragathi Amar Hari Kumar

The Royal Parrot of Venkatagiri

Ragathi Amar Hari Kumar


Ms. Sucharita Beniwal

Sir Ratan Tata Trust


The title's bird is likened to the artisan of the cluster in the sense that,
just as the bird begins its day for sustenance, so does the artisan.

At the break of dawn, when the clock strikes five,
The weaver awakens, with tea to revive.
In a dance of rhythm, the shuttle does soar,
Its melody is heard by those passing the door.
In the morning’s hush, like a prayer to the skies,
The weaver’s song of labor, a heartfelt surprise.
From sunrise to twilight, in the sun’s warm embrace,
The loom weaves its tale, with skill and with grace.
Some weavers persist, as the night takes hold,
In the quiet of darkness, their stories unfold.

The project's primary focus is on the Venkatagiri cluster in Andhra Pradesh, aiming to expand the weavers' product range, increase market awareness, and access global markets while preserving traditional weaving techniques. It starts by documenting the cluster's weaving traditions and identifying its Unique Selling Points (USP).
The central challenge is to design two festive saree collections for the Antaran Artisan Connect (AAC) exhibition, targeting upper-middle-class urban women in the domestic market. The designs must be contemporary, commercially viable, and suitable for weavers. The project assesses the weavers' skills to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Design inspiration draws from local crafts and traditions, emphasizing a vernacular design language to capture the distinctiveness of Venkatagiri's handloom weaving. The project conducts a comprehensive study of local heritage, customs, textiles, materials, techniques, motifs, and processes.


Ragathi Amar Hari Kumar
Ragathi Amar Hari Kumar
Ragathi Amar Hari Kumar
Ragathi Amar Hari Kumar