Anukriti Toppo


Anukriti Toppo


Ms. Swagata S Naidu

Asian Heritage Foundation


The purpose of this project is to create a set of tableware
inspired by Jharkhand’s cultural elements and local elements
of nature which fits well in the ambience of the
restaurant . Through this project, I can involve the local
The project aims to develop terracotta tableware for various
purposes, such as dinner sets, serving bowls, etc.
The project also aims to prototype solutions for
minimally decorated or mass-produced terracotta
ware, further promoting Jhartkhand's culture elements
on pottery craft into the contemporary form.
Designing a set of Tableware using varied ceramic techniques
to develop it. Tableware form and surface should
be inspired by different art forms practices in Jharkhand
or elements from flora fauna of Jharkhand.
Studying the local history, its culture, different art forms
and developing form language for the product range
which could be the reflection of Jharkhand.
Creating a context for the set which can give an identity
to the restaurant too.
Understanding the context to create the experience
at the restaurant visually appealing for the customers
and easy to use and create identity.
Understanding and learning about the pottery practices
done by the local potters and then seeking the
opportunity to create/recreate a range of products
. Involving them for future production of the prototypes.
It will involve the community to make new
products and create employment opportunities.


Anukriti Toppo
Anukriti Toppo
Anukriti Toppo
Anukriti Toppo