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Date me Forever

Viren V


Mr. Hitesh Chaurasia

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"Date Me Forever" explores the intricate marriage of Anbu and Ann, both driven by
ambitious careers. Facing crucial meetings on the same day, their relationship is strained
from the start. A heated argument about their living room reflects deeper tensions. Ann's
investor meeting and Anbu's script pitch worsened their frustrations. Flashbacks reveal their
past romantic moments, contrasting with their current struggles.

A surprising romantic call between Ann and Anbu rekindles their connection, but
interruptions and misunderstandings persist. Tensions escalate when Ann accidentally
discards Anbu's script, leading to a violent altercation and their separation.
Eventually, they reunite, and Anbu proposes an unconventional arrangement: to date while
living apart. The film ends with Ann's hesitant acceptance, leaving the audience hopeful
about their unpredictable future.

"Date Me Forever" delves into love, ambition, and relationship choices, offering a poignant
exploration of how two people navigate desires and challenges to find a new way forward in
their complex marriage.


Viren V
Viren V
Viren V
Viren V