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New Railway Seat for Pandemic Situation

Akansha Mary Bara


Mr. Pravinsinh Solanki

Railway Design Center NID Paldi

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Indian Railways has not only been able to keep national supply chain running and move millions of people back home in most
adverse circumstances but has also been able usher in an unprecedented growth in development of infrastructure, innovation, capacity expansion of network, freight
diversification and transparency matters.

In the current situation, people travelling for both regional and long-distance routes from trains are at a huge risk. While one have more space to spread out, traveling
by train still generally involves interfacing with many people. In these circumstances, using a train with interior not suitable for pandemic can lead to people getting
affected through in-person encounters.

The goal is to design and improve the travel experience in LHB coaches suitable for the current pandemic situation which will include a new seating and have a common ambience.

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Akansha Mary Bara
Akansha Mary Bara
Akansha Mary Bara