Rajeesh N

Unified Asset/Aircraft Management Solution for Lessors and associated stakeholders

Rajeesh N


Mr. Chakradhar Saswade



In the academic year 2021-2022, my graduation project focused on creating a unified asset and aircraft management solution catering to Lessors and associated stakeholders.

Project Context:
Aircraft asset management involves the strategic handling of components, services, and expenses linked to aircraft maintenance throughout their operational life. Especially vital for large commercial aircraft fleets, effective management optimizes costs, enhances performance, prolongs service life, and bolsters accounting flexibility. Moreover, it contributes to aircraft safety, part verification, and residual value preservation.

Sponsor Overview:
Airbus, a prominent global aerospace leader, drives innovation across aerospace, commercial aviation, and more. With diverse divisions encompassing commercial aircraft, space, defense, and helicopters, Airbus holds a preeminent position in the industry.

Project Scope:
Exploration (Research): Delving into Aircraft/Asset Management, Stakeholder Understanding, Technical Aspects, and Aviation Insights.
Persona and GIGA Map Creation: Developing Personas, Customer Journeys, GIGA Map, Pain-Point and Competitor Analysis.
Ideation: Identifying Opportunities from Pain Points, Conducting Ideation Sessions, and Rapid Sketching of Ideas.
Definition: Crafting Service Blueprints, Information Architecture, Wireflows/Userflows, Wireframes, UI Design, and Prototyping.
This project aimed to streamline aircraft management, enhance stakeholder experience, and contribute to efficient asset utilization. Through a systematic approach encompassing research, design, and prototyping, the project sought to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to the dynamic aviation landscape.


Rajeesh N
Rajeesh N
Rajeesh N
Rajeesh N