Ankita Umakant Bawankar

Designing a Service to Promote Health Seeking Behavior at HWC

Ankita Umakant Bawankar


Mr. Jitendra Singh Rajput

Aurora Health Innovation LLP in partnership with Noora Health


To the large ratio-based rural health infrastructure at the peripheral contact are Health and wellness
centres (HWCs) consisting of a vast frontline force of CHOs, ANMs, and community volunteers like
ASHA workers. The creation of such a public work force has been seen as a major achievement in a
country short of resources and struggling with great disparities in health status.
In premise, on any count these are extraordinary infrastructural capacities created with resources
committed against odds to strengthen grass roots. There have been facility gaps, supply gaps and
staffing gaps. As a result the structure has been precluded from reaching its optimal potential. But
in equal part these gaps are due to many other non-monetary factors such as undue centralization
and uniformity, fluctuating commitment to key routines at ground level, lack of social security, lack
of autonomy and inadequate budgets for non-wage leading to faltering and poorly motivated care.
Taking into account the size of the burden, the clinical and public health services cannot be
shouldered for all by the government alone. Therefore, Noora Health has a drive of Shifting systems
to save lives by collaborating with government health systems in implementing the program to
provide high-impact health skills training, positioning caregivers as the cornerstone of recovery in
facilities and at home.
Through this project the focus is to strengthen the existing concept of primary healthcare networks
which are meant to be local epidemiological information centres to develop simple communities by
opening out public information or seasonal alerts or advisories or community health information to
be circulated among healthcare practitioners and in the public. By Embracing a service based
approach, the present study is aimed at investigating the development of a patient-centered service
innovation and its rise in the actors’ value networks.


Ankita Umakant Bawankar
Ankita Umakant Bawankar
Ankita Umakant Bawankar