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Making toys is not a child's play, that's why nowadays toys are designed with detailed R&D and carefully analysed according to the
present-day needs of the kids, for their development with an exciting product line which can attract not only the kids but the
parents as well.
The project focuses on designing toys that are creative, aesthetically playful, and value for money. A child being fun, curious
and imaginative is what motivates toy designs to be curated with a thorough understanding of the play. The to-and-fro researching,
observing, and understanding of the target audiences helps develop and modify toys, letting children learn through the power of
play. To consider quality and safety as a top priority, identify the gap in top standard products in the Indian market and redefine
its purpose with a sense of learning and enjoyment.
The toys and games focus on the four basic types of 'PLAY'- functional play, constructive play, exploratory play, and dramatic play,
which will provide varied experiences for the child with a sense of meaningful parent involvement.
Rediscovering the value of not just interacting with play things but ‘exploring’ the play. Inclusive playthings that can be enjoyed
by kids of varying interests. Play activities that get kids moving and engaged; and help them understand, communicate and
develop their physical, cognitive, social, behavioral, and emotional learning skills, which are essential for a child's development with parental
guidance and encouragement. Children learn from their surroundings and gain a sense of confidence when their activities are
recognized and acknowledged.

Constructive approach, Dramatic play, Edutainment toys, Exploratory experience, Toddler play

Sneha Subramaniam
Sneha Subramaniam
Sneha Subramaniam
Sneha Subramaniam