Aiswarya Sivarajan


Aiswarya Sivarajan


Mr. P Rama Krishna Rao



Designing Adaptable Furniture for Nothing.Health's MultifunctionaL Space
Background and Context:
Nothing.Health is dedicated to offering holistic health services encompassing physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. In support of their services, there is a pressing need for customizable furniture to be designed for their upcoming multifunctional space in Bangalore (HSR, Koramangala, Bellandur area). This project targets individuals aged 18 to 45 of all genders.
Provided Activities:
The multifunctional space will host a diverse range of activities, including strength and conditioning, cardio kickboxing with resistance bands, yoga and meditation, financial classes (stock trading & cryptocurrency), personality development sessions, and fashion, beauty, and art courses.
instructions for
The project aims to create adaptable, multipurpose furniture that caters to the specific needs of each of these six activities. The deliverables include the design and construction of prototypes, working drawings, models and renders, estimation and costing documentation, and a comprehensive final document detailing the innovative furniture solutions designed to enhance the multifunctional space and promote human well-being.


Aiswarya Sivarajan
Aiswarya Sivarajan
Aiswarya Sivarajan
Aiswarya Sivarajan