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Service Innovation in Maternity Healthcare

Sakshi Sanjay Gaggar


Mr. S Guruprasad

Invoq Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. (LoopHealth)

Maternity is a new and different experience for women and can impact them and their families, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. It is considered to be the second birth of a woman due to the changes she undergoes during this time.
With the shift in the social, economic, political, and healthcare landscape, the need for supporting women in managing their mental and emotional well-being during and post-pregnancy was identified as a gap in the current system that needs to be addressed for healthy mothers and children outcomes and provide a stress-free and positive experience. A virtual maternity care program, Nine and Beyond, was outlined as a solution to address it. It is a comprehensive, personalized, and accessible service for women in their pre and postnatal stages and would ensure they receive timely care throughout. It would involve the following aspects:
• Curated information & education of women & family
• Physical health maintenance (fitness, nutrition & sleep)
• Mental health check-ins (through consults & screeners)
• Activities to promote better mental & emotional health
• Mobilizing social support in family & peers through counseling
• Quick access to resolve medical & non-medical queries
• Preparing for childbirth & post-delivery care (Lamaze, baby care sessions, etc.)
The service would be provided by a maternity buddy alongside a team of maternity experts and health specialists that would identify a care plan suitable to the women’s needs and ensure she is informed, prepared, and healthy every step of the way.

Maternity Healthcare, Mental & Emotional wellbeing, Service Design, Virtual Care, Women's Health

Sakshi Sanjay Gaggar
Sakshi Sanjay Gaggar
Sakshi Sanjay Gaggar