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Slack Framework for Salesforce Industries

Anagha K


Mr. Jonak Das



The "Slack Framework for Salesforce Industries" project seeks to integrate Slack within Salesforce Industries' products, enhancing collaboration and compliance. Following Salesforce's acquisition of Slack, the challenge is to merge Slack's features into existing workflows. The project aims to raise awareness among stakeholders about Slack's capabilities and integrate them effectively.
- Insight Gathering: Understand Slack's role as a business operating system for Salesforce stakeholders and customers, a dynamic collaboration platform for short-to-medium-term projects, and an ambient decision-making platform.
- Research and Analysis: Conduct comprehensive secondary research and competitive analysis to comprehend Slack's conversational abilities. Map interactions and components, and validate findings using industry use cases.
- Framework Development: Create a tailored Slack framework for Salesforce Industries through contextual enquiries with industry stakeholders. Map Slack and Salesforce components to industry-specific task flows.
- Refinement and Validation: Refine the framework through designer workshops, integrating industry-specific patterns. Validate it using heuristics, identify gaps, and conduct usability studies involving diverse users.
By successfully integrating the Slack framework, Salesforce Industries aims to optimise collaboration, decision-making, and compliance in its products. This benefits internal stakeholders and external customers by seamlessly incorporating Slack's capabilities into workflows. The project leverages Slack's potential to enhance workspace collaboration and compliance, creating a more efficient and effective environment.


Anagha K
Anagha K
Anagha K
Anagha K