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Multi-User Experience for a Neobank: RazorpayX

C Kathyaini


Ms. Mamata N Rao

Razorpay Software Private Limited


Despite being commonly perceived as a standalone function within businesses, finance is in fact a team effort.
This entails the participation and cooperation of a diverse range of stakeholders, both internal and external to
the organization The finance function is responsible for a variety of activities, including processing transactions,
bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, financial planning and analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and more. Each of
these activities demands specialized skills and knowledge, usually provided by different members of the finance
team. Moreover, financial interactions with stakeholders necessitate collaboration and communication among
different teams, depending on the organization’s existing workflows.
While there are diverse tools available to carry out the core tasks of the finance team, such as sending payments
and recording transactions, these tasks can become highly repetitive, and communication is typically conducted
via traditional methods outside of these tools, leading to significant friction. Another layer of complexity in
financial workflows involves enabling collaboration with trust, control, and safety, with all necessary checks in

Is it feasible to unify all financial workflows and stakeholder interactions and collaboration on a single platform
that offers the required level of customization and control required for the business?


C Kathyaini
C Kathyaini
C Kathyaini
C Kathyaini