Akash Maheshwari

Social Media Platform for Stock Markets

Akash Maheshwari


Mr. Jitendra Singh Rajput

5 Paisa Capital, Ltd


Title : Social Media Platform for Stock Markets

Background : This project with 5Paisa is an attempt to understand & gauge the growing interests towards investments & trading , simultaneously explore & create a new service innovation, where users can engage, research & generate ideas for trading. Their vision for this product is to create a community around trading & increase trading activity.

Objectives :
Understanding user behaviours on socialising & knowledge sharing , which could mostly benefit from direct enquiries with the users.
Understanding the psychology behind socializing & knowledge sharing around investments/ trading , which could mostly benefit from secondary research.
Understanding the tools & methods that users employ to achieve their socialising & knowledge sharing goals around the domain , which could mostly benefit from a combination of direct user enquires & complete analysis.

Methodology :
Secondary Research - Literature review (articles, reports & books) , to understand the process of socializing & community formation.
Primary Research : Remote 1:1 semi structured Interviews , Guerrilla interviews & Product teardowns.
Analysis : Hypothesis validation, Framing Research Insights , User journeys & User Jobs

Concept Ideation : To address the insights & opportunities identified for the concept ideation of the Social Media Platform, following were the steps which were followed:
Exploring Solution Personas
Ideation Sprint Planning
Information Architecture
Concept Wireframes


Akash Maheshwari
Akash Maheshwari
Akash Maheshwari
Akash Maheshwari