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My graduation project at NID involved collaborating with Heritage, a renowned high-end Pret retail brand in New Delhi, to design two collections of wedding occasional wear. Thorough research was conducted on Heritage's operations, design aesthetics, and target clientele. Simultaneously, I delved into the world of Indian wedding wear, exploring techniques, prints, and materials through competitor analysis and industry networks.
For my first collection, I integrated innovative techniques like laser cutting and digital printing. Laser cutting allowed for precise and intricate detailing, creating unique visual elements. Digital printing brought vibrant colours and intricate designs to life, enhancing the overall appeal. While introducing contemporary techniques, I maintained a connection with tradition by incorporating traditional motifs, paying homage to the cultural heritage of Indian weddings.
In the second collection, I continued to use laser cutting, experimenting with different materials to add uniqueness. Combining fusing and embroidery techniques and collaboration with artisans and tailors enriched the process, allowing me to learn from their expertise.
Alongside design, I delved into the business side of the industry, managing the supply chain and meeting client requirements. This holistic approach ensured successful execution.
The objective was to push design boundaries by embracing innovative techniques and inspire the industry to explore new possibilities. I explored the latest trends by observing fashion events, trends and doing Market research Study. This helped me understand what people like and what designs are popular.
Overall, my graduation project showcased design skills while providing insights into the high-end Pret retail industry. I sought to inspire the industry by showcasing the seamless integration of laser cutting and digital printing into traditional designs. My vision was to drive the industry to embrace technology while preserving the cultural heritage and craftsmanship inherent in Indian wedding wear.


Akanksha Sethy
Akanksha Sethy
Akanksha Sethy