Arjunvel Vivekananthan

Arivin Thiruvilayadal

Arjunvel Vivekananthan


Mr. Hitesh Chaurasia

National Institute of Design under NDBI Grant


Arivin Thiruvilayadal explores the impact of technology on our lives, particularly the pervasive role of social media. Arivu, living with his father, faces pressure to either earn or manage the family business. Their ongoing arguments escalate when Arivu steals Rs.200 from his father's wallet, revealing trust issues.

As Arivu starts earning money from friends, trust develops within their relationship. His father eventually acknowledges Arivu's ability to earn, even overlooking his smoking habit. Arivu adapts to his changing circumstances, upgrading his laptop and phone while switching from cigarettes to vaping.

Challenges arise when investors want to cash out, despite Arivu not investing in cryptocurrency. He returns unused funds to his account but feels unremorseful about scamming them. However, he later regrets his actions as the crypto market surges. Investors demand their money, and Arivu considers relying on his father, a decision he despises.

Desperate, Arivu humbly asks his father for help, coinciding with the market crash. His father's agreement brings relief. Arivu discovers the crash and leaves in high spirits.

At this point, Arivu faces a moral dilemma: return the money to investors or keep it. He eventually accepts himself, free of doubts or regrets, concluding his journey.

In this film, the evolving relationship between Arivu and his father, influenced by technology and trust, mirrors Arivu's personal transformation. Arivu's moral introspection and resolution ultimately highlight the impact of technology and the importance of self-acceptance.


Arjunvel Vivekananthan
Arjunvel Vivekananthan
Arjunvel Vivekananthan