Ankush Das

Scrapbook of a little girl: Prints and Embroideries for Nika

Ankush Das


Ms. Sucharita Beniwal



At NID the four-year graduation program concludes with a semester of training in the industry which provides for a live learning process.
It is an opportunity for the students to work with and design for clients and have first-hand experience in industrial work for a specified duration of time.
This is a sponsored project that includes research, designing, implementation, and sampling.
The aim of such a project is to enable the student to understand the industry market operation and design feasibilities in the production and technicalities of the trade. This project was sponsored by Nika.
This brand was conceptualized in 2020 by Nikasha Khemka (founder of the brand Nikasha). The company was found to fill the space between context and consumption and simple wishes. The brand is dedicated to the Handloom and textile industry of India.
The company caters in India as well as in international locations like Singapore, the United States, etc.
The aim of this project was to create printed and embroidered surfaces for apparel.
The collection was inspired by "Scrapbook of a little Girl" which is very relatable for the the customers of the brand. The theme evokes feelings of nostalgia, innocence, childhood, and an amalgamation of many other complex emotions.
A variety of explorations were done during the project, from hand-painted prints to digitally drawn prints, from machine embroideries to hand embroideries.
After the exploration stage, the final prints and embroideries were selected to be used on the apparel.
Apart from the collection, different other company projects were worked on, for example, prints for Anthropologie, scarves for Nika, and accessories for Nika.
Getting my hands on so many different projects and work, was a great learning for me.


Ankush Das
Ankush Das
Ankush Das
Ankush Das