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Mingringphi Dwrbi Daimari


Dr. Shilpa Das

National Institute Of Design(Ford Foundation Grant)

The student's project began with an urge to do something for her community and Witch Hunting, which both intrigued and raised several questions, including its existence in society even in 2020.
In this documentary, the student explored the following objectives:
1. To explore Witch Hunting in the Boro Community within Assam, its origin, cause, and current presence in the community.
2. To convey its implications clearly and cohesively to the audience.
3. To understand and spread this understanding of the work done by various NGOs and NPOs to reduce such acts.
4. To examine the outcome of various awareness programmes and schemes.
5. To understand why existing laws fail to get to the root of the problem.

Assam, Documentary, Film and Video, Societal, Witch Hunting

Mingringphi Dwrbi Daimari
Mingringphi Dwrbi Daimari
Mingringphi Dwrbi Daimari