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Mr. Pravinsinh Solanki

Narsi & Associates / Narsi Interior Infrastructures Pvt Ltd.

This project is done with Narsi Group, a new product going into a retail collection of 1330 (a daughter
company of Narsi group), Navi Mumbai. It aspires to be a signature-style workstation for personal and
corporate spaces.
The first discussion with the company concluded that the new product needed to be unique for the present
and future market and could also be used in the company’s interior projects. After the trend analysis,
There were two significant concepts on which the furniture ideation was done. The concept of IoT(internet
of things) is the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet to make these objects be
controlled remotely via cell phones or computers. Another budding concept of furniture with electronic
devices to add on to the functionality.
As this project focuses on creating an immersive experience for the user while working, research also
went into understanding the ideal working environments. The idea of upgrading the workstation where it
combines with technology to make it more than basic was appreciated and thus taken forward. In a perfect
work state, tangible and intangible factors matter, which are infused to conceptualise the final product.
Further, the concepts were worked on with engineers to create a system between furniture materials and
electronics, which took the most time and effort.
The intention was to make it intuitive, to minimise steps to set up the desk and provide maximum
The final design was simply chic, rough prototyped to understand the exact working of structural forms,
materials and devices as one system. And later produced with CNC machining and hand crafting to bring
technology and artists together for a better future.

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Manali Nama
Manali Nama
Manali Nama
Manali Nama