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Gaurav Roy


Mr. C S Susanth


A design team at a mining company is committed to delivering its service in all three
major domains. Physical, digital and visual design. The team consists of an interaction
designer, an industrial designer and a visual designer. Each designer mostly leads their
project with an exception of a few designers teaming up for a limited period. Hence, almost all
designers are working in silos.
Since everyone has their project to lead, they work almost in isolation and don’t get a chance
to reflect or participate in team exercises as every hour counts in their mundane
The different projects led to all designers identifying problems from their individual perspectives.
People were unable to find common ground and so the design lead of the team decided to hire
an external and enhance the client’s experience.
The service design method has been used to identify missing links and expose
workflows and encounter those to enhance the experience. In the process, the student found two
ways to develop good experiences for the clients. The first way is to re-establish the
mission and vision of the design team at Epiroc. The second way is to develop a tool to
help designers to predict budgets and timelines.
As a part of the graduation project, the second objective is taken further to
solve the immediate issue. Gaurav Roy's efforts and sincerity towards his project is visible in the results.

Design Toolkit, Design Workshop, Project Discussion, Service Design, Strategic Design

Gaurav Roy
Gaurav Roy
Gaurav Roy
Gaurav Roy