Ankurkumar Kalab


Ankurkumar Kalab


Dr. Gayatri Menon

Self Sponsored


This Project started just after the COVID crysis and due to the situation people
started getting back to their roots. During that time I started observing my
surroundings of my native place and the thought of working on this project. I do
see them working as a Labour on daily wages and realized I could do some
intervantions here if possible and help them out while understanding them as well.
Initially it started as a broad hope of trying to just understand the Labour system
and as I started to keep spending time with them, I realized that Ithere’s different
kind of problems as well as opportunities here which can be resolved by system
designing. Then Narrowed down the focus towards just Labours and Labourers
their need their lifestyle they whole day to day life and then tried to come of with
the solution which can satisfy all of them. The idea was to provide labours and
Labourers a common platform which can take care of all their expectations, issues
and with the comfort where they feel they are getting benefitted. It was a complex
task to bring all of them on the same page but eventually with help and support
provided by them and enthusiasm for trying to achieve something through this
they supported with the process and tasks and eventually helped me to come up
with the solution which can be later developed further and has huge scope for the
expansion in future. This is the documentation of whole journey how I eventually
fulfilled the of building up relation and trust with the people and putting effort in
the same direction for common goal of getting something beneficial for all as a
community towards which people can get benefitted for the longer time .


Ankurkumar Kalab
Ankurkumar Kalab
Ankurkumar Kalab
Ankurkumar Kalab