Abhishek Kumar

F2P Feature Systems Design

Abhishek Kumar


Dr Bibhudutta Baral

Zynga Games Network


The goal of this project is to observe and document the game features and mechanics seen in the most successful F2P mobile shooters.The intention is to comprehend how the economies of F2P games operate.

After examining how many popular games implement their monetization strategies, such as in-app purchases (IAP), in-app commercials, rewarded videos, battle passes, etc. a clearer idea of how these games handle their in-game systems and their overall game economy will emerge.

Having done the research, the knowledge gained about F2P games will be distilled into design patterns diagrams for popular in-game features that are found in several successful games.
The Machinations framework will be used to accomplish this. With the help of this exercise, I will also be able to gain working knowledge of how to design and develop diagrams in Machinations with greater proficiency.

The project's deliverables are diagrams of game feature design patterns that capture the gameplay and in-game economy of F2P shooter games on mobile devices.

The approach used for this is to first examine and comprehend the gameplay elements and monetization techniques used in F2P shooter games.
Using that knowledge, create a system diagram that depicts all of the relationships between the recognised systems and features.Then use the Machinations tool to model design pattern diagrams of the acknowledged game system/features.
These diagrams will be broadly applicable and can be modified by anyone to suit the needs of their individual game.

So, in the document, game systems and monetization strategies found in a free-to-play shooter game are deconstructed and documented.And then from the observed game systems, design pattern diagrams are modelled using Machinations.


Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar