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Cashi - Payment App for Walmart

Ashutosh Vilas Kurade


Ms. Nijoo Dubey

Walmart Global Technology Services

Designing a Payment app for Walmart considering the demography of Mexico, where almost 70%
of people are not using bank accounts which leads to inconvenience for the lifestyle needs
payments. Also dealing with the fact that Mexican people don’t have sufficient faith in the
online payment system.
Using the same philosophy of Walmart that customers will get most of their daily used
services under one roof, designing an app that allows customers to pay for different
services integrated with a loyalty program which gives them a reason to come back to the
same platform.

E-commerce Fintech, Universal Design, User Experience, User Interface, User research

Ashutosh Vilas Kurade
Ashutosh Vilas Kurade
Ashutosh Vilas Kurade
Ashutosh Vilas Kurade