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Design of the outer casing for the handheld 3D scanner

Sidharth Suman Sarangi


Ms. Nijoo Dubey

Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bengaluru

Drishti is a handheld 3D scanner being developed by the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) to use as a technology demonstrator under its Transfer of Technology program.
It boasts of being highly accurate and perfectly capable of making extremely accurate 3D models of any object or surface it scans.
The scanner can be used handheld as well as can be mounted on a fixed position for repetitive scanning of objects.

This project aimed to design the outer enclosure for the 3D scanner while adhering to the technical requirements set by the client and ensuring to achieve easy and intuitive use by the operator.

Being a Technology demonstrator for diverse industries and domains, it has to be able to cater to the needs across these industries while increasing ease of use, reducing cognitive and physical load, and being flexible with the specific needs of the user.
Considering the objects that the scanner would be scanning and the body movements involved with it, the ergonomics of the scanner are optimized to be easily used with less physical and cognitive effort.
Drishti is designed to look friendly and welcoming to the operator with its simple contours and neutral color profile.

Currently, CMTI is fabricating a 3D-printed working model for the scanner based on the designs submitted during this project. The student Sidharth Suman Sarangi finds the experience this project has brought to him, has helped him grow as a designer.

3D scanner, 3D scanning, Electronics device, Human Machine Interaction, Product design

Sidharth Suman Sarangi
Sidharth Suman Sarangi
Sidharth Suman Sarangi