Anoushka Verma

10 lakh vriksh- Strategy for Visual Communication System

Anoushka Verma


Dr Tridha Gajjar



10 lakh vriksh considers the concrete jungle to be its nemesis. Project Head Nandita Singhal recollects her visit to Delhi, and deciding that she wants to save the rapidly developing Udaipur from the same fate. Thus “10 lakh vriksh” program was born in 2019.

In this project titled “10 lakh vriksh- Strategy for Visual Communication System: Communication aimed at forming a resilient community through plantation”, I attempt to help Dharohar get closer to the vision of the future they (and I) want to see.

During my internship, I worked on the following-
1. Communication stategy
2. Communication collaterals (flyer,
brochure, newsletter, social media)
3. Publication design (children’s book on Pollination)
4. Visual design (mural, garden on the paal, view points for Jungle)

Primary research played a critical role in this project, since the mission to get the citizens of Udaipur to plant ten lakh trees is a sentimental one and requires passion, action and care.

An omni-channel approach was applied in the making of the communication strategy, leading to a number of collaterals that would be needed and made over the coming months and years.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, much plans were soiled, and it was thought best to make the soil richer and prepare ourselves for coming monsoon. The project changed mid-way from being an active campaign to instead focusing on preparing stationary material.

Thus we worked on making a graphic langunage, basic communication collaterals, and an illustrated children’s science book on the topic of Pollination, all while making use of the biodiversity and green spaces available to us to feel better in times of turmoil.


Anoushka Verma
Anoushka Verma
Anoushka Verma
Anoushka Verma