Prabhash Dhama


Prabhash Dhama


Dr. Gayatri Menon

India Medtronic Private Limited


This project was to develop a UI style guide for the upcoming Peritoneal Dialysis machine being developed at Medtronic India. A UI style guide, also known as a design system, is a comprehensive set of rules, principles, and standards that define the visual and interactive elements of a user interface. It provides guidelines on typography, color palettes, iconography, spacing, layout, and other design components. The primary goal of this project was to ensure consistency and maintain a cohesive visual identity across different interfaces. It serves as a reference for designers, developers, and other stakeholders involved in creating and implementing user interfaces and includes examples and best practices to demonstrate how the design elements should be used. The objective of the project was to improve the user experience of renal care patients when they interact with the peritoneal dialysis machine at home The proposed solution for this was to design a human centred user interface for the dialysis machine that reduces cognitive load, builds confidence and assurance for the user to be able to use a complex machine by themselves at home, reduce cognitive load and fatigue. This was to be delivered in a document that compiles the design principles that need to be taken into consideration when designing the interace of a dialysis machine. While this project was for a peritoneal dialysis machine that was to go into design development stage, due to the pandemic this project was in R&D stage and this style guide was for the company to maintain in its repository for future reference of best practices. The company hopes to improve the patient- machine relationship through an improved user experience. This can enhance the patients’ wellbeing and help them lead a better life even through their renal care therapy.