Anurag Rao

News Design & Interactive Infographics for FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar & Other Stories

Anurag Rao


Mr. Chakradhar Saswade

Reuters Graphics


REUTERS with every FIFA world cup takes its time and interest to present the most exciting tournament of the world where several countries participate.
Its basically a festival in the sports industry and fans across the globe really wait for this festival to happen with lot of enthusiasm. To capture this entire season of FIFA, reuters generates graphics to visualise the tournament and make it accessible to general audience.
The graphics done is also used by other media houses to tell and present information to common masses who don’t get a chance to see these matches live. So as part of Reuters, the role was to present the tournament in a delightful and easily understandable way.
The Project aims at highlighting key points
- how matches are being played across teams and how teams reach to final stages.
- what are the live scores in the matches and live commentary
- Venues/Stadiums
-----Their Location
-----Matches hosted and schedules

- Teams
-----Performance at all world cups
-----Team structure
-----their dress gears(home and away)
-----Wins and Losses at matches


Anurag Rao
Anurag Rao
Anurag Rao
Anurag Rao