Suraj Subhash Katare


Suraj Subhash Katare


Mr. Amresh Panigrahi

Bhabanu Ranjan Naik, Inovora Design


The focus of this design project is Work From Home, with the aim of creating inventive solutions
to enhance the remote work environment. Through extensive research, user interviews, and
design development, the project aims to address the challenges and opportunities associated
with working from home.
The project starts with an in-depth analysis of the current work-from-home landscape, taking
into account ergonomic issues, productivity issues, and the impact on work-life balance.
Interviews with remote workers offer insightful information about their daily routines, workspace
configurations, and cooperation challenges.

The design project then enters the ideation phase, where fresh concepts and answers are
generated using these revelations. Designing for persons who work remotely is meant to
improve their comfort, productivity, and general wellbeing. Prototypes and mock-ups are built to
check the designs' viability and effectiveness.
The documentation shows the iterative design process, showing how concepts advance from
simple sketches to detailed representations. To provide a thorough understanding of the
suggested solutions, the explanations are complemented by supporting materials like
photographs and infographics.

Throughout the project, collaboration with lead designers, mentors, and colleagues is essential
to producing the desired outcomes. Their guidance and experience help the project to succeed
overall, creating a vibrant and stimulating work environment.
This design project aims to provide practical, user-centered solutions to the problems faced by
remote workers. The project aims to combine ergonomics, utility, and aesthetics concepts to
enhance the work-from-home experience and promote productivity and well-being.


Suraj Subhash Katare
Suraj Subhash Katare
Suraj Subhash Katare
Suraj Subhash Katare