Durga Dharmendra Suthar

TryAngle: A Magnetized Triangle Game for Children

Durga Dharmendra Suthar


Mr. Shekhar Bhattacharjee

Khamir Organization, NGO, Kachchh


Title: TryAngle: A Magnetised Triangle Game for Children

"TryAngle" is an innovative and engaging game designed specifically for 3-5-year-old children from middle-class families, including the children of craftsmen in Kutch. This graduation project, developed in collaboration with Khamir NGO in Kutch, aims to provide an affordable and functional play experience using triangular leather pieces embedded with magnets on each side.
The primary objective of the game is to foster cognitive development, problem-solving skills, and creativity among young children while encouraging social interaction and cooperation. Each triangular leather piece is carefully crafted by skilled artisans from the local community, ensuring an authentic and sustain- able approach. The use of magnets adds an exciting twist, allowing children to connect the pieces together to build various shapes and structures.
By incorporating affordable materials and emphasising functional design, TryAngle aims to cater to the needs and financial constraints of both village children and small-city middle-class families. The project focuses on making the game accessible to a wider audience, considering the economic backgrounds of the target demographic.
Throughout the project, efforts are made to create awareness about the value of play and the importance of early childhood development. TryAngle serves as a practical and feasible solution, promoting inclusive play experiences for children in Kutch and beyond.
Through this graduation project, the team seeks to contribute to the holistic growth of children, support local artisans, and strengthen community ties by providing a meaningful and affordable playtime option for middle-class families in the region.


Durga Dharmendra Suthar
Durga Dharmendra Suthar
Durga Dharmendra Suthar