Viraj Vijay Patil

Visual Identity Design for Cultural Ed-Tech Startup

Viraj Vijay Patil


Mr. Tarun Deep Girdher

Codemischief Software Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.


The visual identity design project for Abhyasak, an e-learning platform dedicated to teaching traditional Indian arts, encompassed visual identity design, brand naming, and brand articulation. The project aimed to support the vision of an ed-tech startup founded by a bootstrap entrepreneur who sought to pass on the rich cultural heritage of India to the next generation.
The project delved into the roots of Indian cultural arts, emphasizing the importance of preserving and promoting these traditional art forms. The design team closely collaborated with the startup, leveraging a project idea validation document provided by the client as an initial input for the design process.
Understanding the relationship between parents, children, and the app was a crucial consideration in the design strategy. Stakeholder meetings and audience surveys were conducted to gather insights on preferences, likes, and dislikes, helping to select branding elements such as colour schemes, forms, and typography that resonated with the target audience.
Extensive workshops were conducted to develop a comprehensive project brief, focusing on brand name and articulation, including the platform's mission, vision, and purpose. Visual cues were gathered from competition studies, workshops, and an understanding of the user-app relationship.
Several logo concepts were presented to the stakeholders, with shortlisted options further refined and improved. Eventually, one concept was chosen as the final logo. A visual language was developed for the selected concept, and detailed guidelines were created to ensure consistent visual identity across various touchpoints.
The project successfully achieved its objective of creating a visually immersive and culturally rich learning environment for students on the Abhyasak e-learning platform. The visually appealing design, intuitive navigation, and well-defined brand identity enhance the overall learning experience and facilitate the exploration and understanding of traditional Indian arts.


Viraj Vijay Patil
Viraj Vijay Patil
Viraj Vijay Patil