Smriti  Bigoniya

Design and development of low - cost indoor physical activity games

Smriti  Bigoniya


Mr. Shekhar Bhattacharjee

Self Sponsored


The proposal was to design and develop a series of low-cost indoor physical activity games for the company Design Pulse.

Design Pulse is a national award-winning Design Company based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Established by the alumni of premier institutes of India such as NID and NIPER. They provide design solutions to industries in the field of innovative product design.
They presented me with the opportunity to design a new range of products (toys/games) for them, which they can later manufacture and sell.

My aim with this project was to identify key issues related to physical activity and motor skill development in young children, and then develop a range of low-cost indoor games with moderate to vigorous intensity.
The research methodology includes a thorough understanding of indoor play space, preferred areas and methods of indoor play. A survey to determine the level of indoor activities. Web research to understand outdoor versus indoor play, the influence it has on behaviour, why it is important, how Covid has affected play and market analysis.
I concluded the research by writing down insights that I gained from the research and then used them to design product concepts.


Smriti  Bigoniya
Smriti  Bigoniya
Smriti  Bigoniya