Umesh Madhukar Gajbhiye

Design Of a Superyacht With a Blend Of Seamless Design Approach And Cutting Edge Tech Voyaging As a Silent Beast For Stark Corporation.

Umesh Madhukar Gajbhiye


Mr. Balaji Rengarajan

Bhushan Powar Designs


The project is based on the fictional character, for whom a superyacht is being designed. Also, environmental safety is taken into consideration while designing the Superyacht.

“Stark Legacy: Morgan Stark’s Super Yacht” JARVIS is an extraordinary vessel that serves as a testament to the remarkable legacy of Tony Stark. This cutting-edge super yacht encapsulates the ingenuity, el ecifically for Morgan Stark, it is a symbol of her family’s innovation and philanthropic endeavors.

The yacht’s exterior design showcases a seamless fusion of sleek lines and futuristic aesthetics, paying homage to Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man suits. The hull incorporates advanced composite materials, providing exceptional strength and reducing drag for improved speed and fuel efficiency. The exterior is adorned with a subtle yet stunning gold trim, reminiscent of the arc reactor that powered Tony’s suits.

The centerpiece of the yacht is the “Arc Reactor Lounge,” an exquisitely crafted room inspired by Tony’s iconic power source. The lounge showcases a pulsating arc reactor-inspired lighting system, casting a soft, atmospheric glow throughout space.

The Lower deck of the yacht houses the “Stark Observatory,” an impressive observatory and research facility equipped with the latest scientific instruments. This space allows Morgan to continue her family’s commitment to exploration and scientific advancement.
Additionally, the super yacht features cutting-edge sustainable technologies, such as Arc Reactor and hydrodynamic enhancements, ensuring minimal environmental impact during its operation. It serves as a platform for Morgan to promote renewable energy initiatives and support ecological causes, continuing the Stark legacy of using technology for the betterment of society.

JARVIS is an epitome of Tony Stark’s ingenuity and vision, reimagined for a new generation. It embodies the perfect blend of elegance, luxury, and advanced technology, allowing Morgan to carry on her family’s legacy while leaving her own mark on the world.


Umesh Madhukar Gajbhiye
Umesh Madhukar Gajbhiye
Umesh Madhukar Gajbhiye