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Re-imagining virtual collaboration with Samsung devices

Rajat Kumar


Dr Bibhudutta Baral

Samsung Research and Development Institute India

Remote working, also called work-from-home has created new challenges and opportunities. Many sectors like education, design, IT, architecture, etc., which include desk jobs, now need a revamp.
For any project, group work is essential and cannot be ignored to achieve the goal successfully.
This project tries to understand the problems that come along with collaboration in remote working environments and look for opportunities where Samsung can intervene through its innovation.
The various thought provoking questions asked during the course of this project are the following. How do people feel about working from home?
Has this shift affected their productivity?
How does one feel working in their room all day without any interaction with colleagues? How does this affect their interpersonal relationships?

How are people working together remotely? Why do people collaborate? What is their motivation and needs? What software do they use for collaboration? Is the current collaborative software capable of WFH? What changes do they have to make to achieve effective collaboration? The student Rajat Kumar set about answering these and his work and experiences have left him with much greater respect for the design process and the problems it attempts to solve.

AR/VR, Collaboration, Virtual Collaboration, Virtual Presence, Work from Home

Rajat Kumar
Rajat Kumar
Rajat Kumar