Vinotharaja S A

Servitising Responsible Personalisation in Home Interior Design

Vinotharaja S A


Mr. S Guruprasad

WeBe Design Lab. - Chennai


This project envisions transforming the consumer mindset and behaviour towards home interior consumption. It aims to promote well-being and sustainability by focusing on responsible and mindful choices.

Home interiors greatly influence our physical, mental, and social well-being. As urbanisation increases, people seek beautiful homes that align with their values and social circles. They invest time and effort in creating personalised spaces that reflect their preferences.

However, the current trend of mindless consumption driven by social identity, functional requirements, and desires poses challenges. This project seeks to redirect consumers towards responsible choices. It explores how creating home interiors can contribute to well-being, fostering healthier homes and nurturing social connections within the neighbourhood.

In the realm of home interiors, even the commoner has a say. Low-ticket purchases often go to unorganised or organised retail sectors, while large-scale renovations involve interior designers. The mass market offers industry-fabricated modular solutions that focus on selling new products with limited customisation, leading to wasteful consumption and increased carbon footprint.

This project proposes a business model aligned with sustainability principles and the circular economy to address these issues. Leveraging incentives from the Indian Government, it aims to create a responsible interior design service that promotes customisation while considering environmental impact.

By encouraging a shift towards responsible consumption and emphasising reuse, repurposing, and recycling, this project seeks to channelise consumers towards a more sustainable path. It aims to redefine the interior design industry and foster a greater sense of well-being for individuals and their communities.


Vinotharaja S A
Vinotharaja S A
Vinotharaja S A