Neha Wakade


Neha Wakade


Ms. Sucharita Beniwal

Women Weave


The project took place in Pandemic. It faced a real time problems and solution towards it. From it, a collection with 5-8 years old stock yarns was made as a small solution for the economic crisis Women Weave was facing

I have tried to translate the measures taken during the time of Pandemic in a Handloom. How one can take the possibilities & confusion and find opportunities beneficial for such organisation.
An available resource is still a healthy resource if you know what to do with it.

I tried to incorporate various additional process, to segregate the yarns later which gave me opportunities to create more collection if the time was enough.
During this time I finalised to make 5 collection:
1. Silk +khadi + cotton sarees with various translucency factor with no Butta’s as it requires different yarn wedges weaver or 4 peddle loom
2. Yardages from the left over warp consumed by saree for 6 or 5.5 meters.
3. Home furnishing fabric from cotton 2/60’s
4. Explorations of in Denim fabric using Khadi yarns for recreation of Jacket and Jeans to collaborate with new Denim designers in this brief I had be sure of the outcomes and risk taking withing the live loom.
5. Jamdani stoles.


Neha Wakade
Neha Wakade
Neha Wakade
Neha Wakade