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Enhancing Stakeholder experience by streamlining back-end processes for IFB-Modular Kitchen Solutions

Ashutosh Anantrao Parkhe


Ms. Nijoo Dubey

IFB Private Limited

IFB-Modular Kitchen is one of the two distinct fronts of IFB Appliances. With the modular kitchen industry booming in India,
many of the major brands in the home appliances segment are eager to hop onto this opportunity. Although widespread and in
demand, the modular kitchen sector doesn’t work on the typical ‘plug-and-play model. Instead, the modular kitchen industry
is characterized as primarily operations and logistics driven, with greater vulnerability towards uncertainties arising from economic
fluctuations and regional biases. Businesses working in such an environment need the backend processes to be heavily organized
and multiple departments to work with great coordination.

Modular kitchen as a product/service offering involves multiple stakeholders, complex interactions, and long stretching timelines
in a typical product journey. If the processes are not streamlined carefully, people involved throughout the project lifecycle from
groundworkers to the top management suffer in the resulting chaos. This affects the organization and involves people at
the economic, physical, and mental levels. This also reduces the customer experience with the brand and the service provided.

Businesses like IFB in the modular kitchen segment face major setbacks when it comes to scaling up the business. Usually, poorly
designed systems tend to turn chaotic and vulnerable to errors as scale increases. Companies frequently face this dilemma of trying
to acquire more and more market share as well as provide and maintain a good customer experience through offered services.

The project is about streamlining the back-end systems with good design and technology assistance to help circumvent avoidably
errors, losses, and inconveniences and provide a better customer experience.

The study will involve a close inspection of all the processes involved, weak links and potential error-prone zones, redundancies, bottlenecks
and modern technologies that may provide some assistance in achieving a better efficient and optimized ecosystem.

Customer Experience, Digital, IFB Modular Kitchen, NID, User Experience

Ashutosh Anantrao Parkhe
Ashutosh Anantrao Parkhe
Ashutosh Anantrao Parkhe