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Mr. P Rama Krishna Rao

Kabir Bhasin, East Lifestyle

Eastlifestyle previously known as Colonial Outpost is more than 20 years old and has been metaphorically changing its name and
style very subtly, not drifting away from the audience they have been catering to. The craftsman and the staff reflect the same idea
of growing with each other through time.
They have been making mid century and colonial style furniture from the beginning, with materials true to its color and design true
to its craft.
The carpenters, craftsman, upholstery and the paints & finishes team work together merging their boundaries completing every
project as per schedule.
This project is a reflection of a luxury line of furniture that has to be produced which follows the firm’s USP i.e. Mid century-Colonial
style along with a subliminal series correspondingly. The brief is confined to following the proportions of forms using golden ratio
for a storage unit catering to an audience of upper middle class and above. The end product will be part of the store display/ experience space.
It is a focus on a new set of customer groups and what intrigues them to like the furniture old with a tweak. Minimalistic with
stroke of details, fresh form with sustainable materials to last its test of time.
Working with a company which stands at the merging point old meets new. An opportunity to explore a new outlook while holding
to its ethos. With an experienced team of craft in carpentry has helped in learning which is limited otherwise.

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D R Niharika
D R Niharika
D R Niharika
D R Niharika