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Urban Nomads- Storage Solutions

Saurabh Murmoo


Mr. P Rama Krishna Rao

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The world has changed drastically in the past two years, affecting the way we live and work in our everyday life.
Pandemic has made us stay indoors, making our whole world inside the four walls, whether you are working, studying or
eating. Gradually we started to get all the stuff needed being set up in our spaces. This led to acquiring more and more
stuff as online purchase saw a drastic increase during this time. People staying at home made more efforts to make their
homes and spaces best suited for their needs and decor.
The project focuses on storage solutions in an urban setup. It explores solutions to storage needs and its aspects whether
settling down in a place or shifting around. It also looked into the needs of a user, space provided and things the user has
which can be kept in display or stored in organized matter.
The design briefs have been explored in the project focusing on easy shifting and utilizing the maximum space for storing. It
explores the knockdown features which makes moving around easier and more efficient.
The project explores simple manufacturing, basic designs, and interaction of items, humans and space.

Storage, Furniture, Modular, Wood, Compact

Saurabh Murmoo
Saurabh Murmoo
Saurabh Murmoo
Saurabh Murmoo