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Ms. Sonal Chauhan

Tanishq - Titan Industries Ltd.

The chain links are incredibly versatile, not just in terms of aesthetics but also functionality. It can suit any age, gender or style depending on the design; it could be urban cool or ultimate classic.
The project was divided into two major parts. The first part of the project focuses on developing the second series of the Italian precious jewellery collection "Dolce Vita-2". Since, after the successful launch of Dolce Vita-1. Link jewellery is gaining popularity in both precious and non-precious metals. The collection was developed while keeping in mind the modern Indian women who want to flaunt themselves with a bold break in styles. Dolce Vita -2 is a contrast trendy collection that can go with elegant, feminine outfits. Those who wish for a more understated combination can opt for a sleeker version of the chain links. No matter the size – these statement pieces are true eye-catchers!
Part one focuses on understanding the aesthetics of chain links amalgamated with Italian style. The collection was created through the electroforming technique to add comfort with lightweight jewellery. It focuses on clean, classic forms and textures and surfaces achieved through electroforming.
The second part focuses on developing cold joineries by exploring the chain links' functionality to be connected and interlocked without any soldering technique. The challenge was to create certain joineries that could be later incorporated for various chains in precious jewellery, watches and locking mechanisms in Titan's products.
It was a great learning experience that extended the student's design thinking and helped them broaden their horizon and understand the commercial aspect of product development on a large scale.

Italian aesthetics, Light weight, playful, soft volume, Statement jewellery

Tripti Bajaj
Tripti Bajaj