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Gangineni Saishankar


Mr. Pravinsinh Solanki

PortsideCafé Furniture Studio

What is the Project about?

This project is an attempt to express my experiences through furniture.
Studio Portside Café allowed me to try a bold expression through a physical form. The product aims to invoke the user’s emotion through the visual and tactile experience of the

To witness my sister in labour led to the thoughts of the intimacy shared between the mother & her child while he/she is still inside her. This experience has inspired me to conceptualize this furniture. It led me to create a space that shall make you feel warm, comfortable and safe. The intimacy of the mother and the child in her womb.’ ‘The posture of the child sitting in the lap of the mother.’ ‘The arms of the mother that wrap around the child.’ These elements come together to inspire the cocoon form of the furniture. It creates a volume that provides spatial intimacy to the user.

This project is an attempt to see how can we weave art to design, focusing on how to express through art in furniture or a product.

art, leather, furniture, intimate, bespoke

Gangineni Saishankar
Gangineni Saishankar
Gangineni Saishankar