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Recycled Textile Waste Composite

Aswin Suresh


Mr. Sakthivel V

We5 engineering

The Graduation project at We5 Engineering dealt with recycled textile waste composite. This project opened up opportunities to learn more about textiles,
wastes, composites, and their applications, a flexible composite that can be used in various ways, has a wide range of applications, material innovation, and other features.

The project allowed to interact with textile waste materials and biocomposites on various levels. LeadingĀ 
the way in terms of both design and fashion line. The bio-based polymer used as a binding material has the
potential to become a viable alternative to the commonly used polymer-based binders. These collections were
created with the goal of studying the morphology of bio-composites in addition to making them wearable.
The initiative gave me the opportunity to learn more about textile waste, its
possibilities, classifications, and so on. It also helped me grasp market demands, consumer wants product
usefulness, and manufacturing flexibility. This entire experience broadened my horizons and gave me a
better grasp of the material-driven design process involved in material innovation.

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Aswin Suresh
Aswin Suresh
Aswin Suresh