Varsha Kallingal Thilakan

Automotive Trend Forecasts for Year 2020

Varsha Kallingal Thilakan


Mr. Amresh Panigrahi

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.


A study on the global trends that will affect Generation-Y’s product, fashion and automotive tastes and purchases for the year 2020.
The Company:
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Project Brief:
CMF proposals for Mahindra’s upcoming vehicle in 2020
Final deliverables:
Theme boards along with actual Colour Material & finishes samples.
Based on the central theme of 'Play', concepts for a millennial centric concept car, for the year 2020, the three deliverable for the project were worked upon:
Final CMF palettes for each trend The Final design proposals that are proposed at the end of the Diploma Project are at a very conceptual level, these are basically the simulations of the concepts with the available materials. These palettes if taken forward for the concept car for the year 2020, shall undergo further refinements at various levels of design, technology, production, logistics etc. At various stages of the project a very conceptual approach was taken whether it was building up the scenarios of the user or integrating the use of innovative materials with the concepts and represent the ideas through relevant sketches. the design proposals are a simulation of the concepts in the materials that are available in the present scenario. These proposals have the possibility to get translated into the innovative materials for the concept car.


Varsha Kallingal Thilakan
Varsha Kallingal Thilakan
Varsha Kallingal Thilakan
Varsha Kallingal Thilakan