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Bringing out the Heritage Experiences: Designing Exterior Spaces for The Living Heritage Centre

Guide Tanishka Kachru
Sponsor Surabhi Foundation For Cultural Exchange And Research
Keywords cultural theme park;Indian heritage;outdoor spaces;Tree of Life motif

This project deals with the design and conceptualisation of exterior spaces for the Living Heritage Centre, which is a cultural theme park showcasing the heritage of India. The main objective of this project was to extend the experience of the attractions, and rides indoors to the outdoors to create a cohesive experience. The outdoor spaces extended the narrative of the park and aimed to enhance the overall experience.

The design for the outdoor spaces reflects various aspects of Indian culture and heritage such as architecture, sculpture, performance art, and folk art. Each area within the outdoor spaces offers a different kind of experience to its visitors, ranging from events and activities, immersive environments, thematic exhibits, and leisure options. It had an immersive and thematic environment, with the recreated setting of the Ajanta and Ellora caves at the amphitheatre, and a grand performance showcasing the vibrancy of the performing arts of India.

A landscaped area and water body, dedicated for leisure activities was also created; the water body is designed along the patterns of the Tree of Life motif from the Siddi Sayed Jali. A central plaza space has been created and is designed to bring people together and to hold various interactive activities and events. The building facades have a thematic and immersive setting to give a visual essence of being in a space dedicated to Indian heritage and culture.

Conceptual renders for the space were provided as the final deliverables for the project. This project has been an incredible learning experience and has helped a great deal in building confidence and self-worth.
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