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Dance Music Instruments

Guide Ajay Tiwari
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords Gesture Recognition;interaction;music;Natya Dhol

This project was an exploration into how dance, music, and technology could be merged to help create innovative music-composing techniques and practices. Dance reflects the ability to synchronise movement with sound. The inherent ability of humans to understand musical parameters such as rhythm, meter, and tempo allows them associate and coordinate movement with sound. This intuitive understanding can be used for producing music; however, it is through the activity of dancing that the music would be produced.

A paradigm of dance music instruments which will mark an evolution of instruments such as Ghunghroo and Tap shoes was established. Interactive systems which use movements to shape sound will be influenced by digital instruments and dance music interfaces. Dance music instruments will help associate movements and sounds through Gesture Recognition technology. It helps produce music by more intuitive and natural dance moves associated with sounds created mechanically. These instruments will incorporate more dance-like bodily movements devoid of instruments to control sound; they will combine the pleasurable experience of both music and dance.

Prototypes were created and experimented with, helping the conceptualisation of the Natya Dhol—the dance music instrument version of the traditional dhol. The Natya Dhol plays two distinct pitches of dhol by tapping the heel of each foot. It combines the intuitive connection of foot tapping with dhol beats to create various dance moves; it can also enable the dancer to switch foot tapping sounds and change timbral nuances of sounds.

Digital technology applications are gaining prominence in every field. The laypersons have limited understanding of such applications, and this prevents them from participating in related activities. Therefore, the challenge is to make digital technology more accessible to the laypersons, thereby enriching human experiences and connections.
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