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Web-Based Design Education: A New Media Perspective

Guide Dr Bibhudutta Baral
Sponsor E-kalpa project on Design Education, R & D Campus, under the support of NME-ICT
Keywords Dísource website;open learning;paper prototyping;transmedia documentation

This project aimed at utilising various new media tools and techniques for developing a standard model and a set of guidelines for transmedia documentation of design courses and crafts. The content generated would be used as learning material with the purpose of distribution for open collaborative distance education on digital communication medium such as the internet.

Design by its own nature is creative, collaborative, and multidisciplinary. Design thinking and innovation can distinctly affect the growth of our country and in turn, bring in the competitive edge in the local and world markets. The Dísource website is an initiative of the E-kalpa project which aims to create digital learning environment for design education in India. The website aims to provide collaborative open educational resources on design courses and crafts for open knowledge sharing and e-learning.

The project began with research into the content, literature review, and research into the crafts. Thereafter, initial concepts were developed as rough explorations; out of these, one concept was finalised and refined while paper prototyping. Three users were involved in the paper prototyping stage and the tests gave insights for modifications in the labelling and module structures. After accommodating these changes, the information architecture and the interface were modified. Once again, the paper prototype test was done; further, two more rounds of paper prototyping lead to the development of the high fidelity prototype.

This project helped gain insights into how design education involves myriad pedagogical methods for knowledge and skill transfer; same is the case with craft processes. Capturing design pedagogy and craft processes and developing a representational model for generating educational resources for open learning was a challenging task. The insights gained from this project helped gain a broader perspective on learning and education.
Communication Design
GD (28)
FVC (13)
ED (6)
AFD (22)
IID (14)
PHD (6)
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD (12)
DDE (11)
Interdisciplinary Design
SDM (11)
DRE (15)
Industrial Design
TAD (10)
TGD (8)
PD (28)
CGD (7)
FID (13)
Textile Design
TD (23)
ADM (10)
LAD (13)