Khushboo Sinha |

New Media Marketing Campaign for Reva

Guide Dr Jignesh Khakhar;Dr Bibhudutta Baral
Sponsor Moonraft Innovation Labs
Keywords classical media;cognition;immersive experience;3D projection mapping

A lot of effort and planning goes into the pre-purchase and launch activities for a new product. Technological advances have led to unprecedented levels of media convergence and to the individualisation of communication channels. So much so, that faced by these new media offerings, the established media are becoming less important for marketing communication.

In addition, the audience for classical media is collapsing into fragmented sub-audiences that can no longer be reached across the board by advertising messages. Beyond this, technical developments permit a multiplicity of interaction options between communicators and media users. Brand and product experiences can now be shared with far more impact that they can via classical media.

The human being does not separate emotion from cognition, even when using or buying a product. Words as feelings, emotions, experience, pleasure, and beauty have become more relevant in usability and marketing research.

Therefore, this project is an endeavour at creating an immersive experiential environment for a pre-purchase activity for Reva NXR, where people can come and have an immersive experience of the product technology and range the Reva NXR has to offer. The features of the Reva NXR were highlighted through 3D projection mapping . The storyboard was developed iteratively. With the help of this installation, an attempt was made to connect consumers with brands in personally relevant and memorable ways.

New media can instantly arrest the attention of people who watch these installations. The brand recall value with such shows of technology is far more than a print advertisement, for instance. It is this quality that would make new media valuable in any marketing process.
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