Purnima Anand | purnima.nmd@gmail.com

iPad Version of Broker Dealer Workstation

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor J.P. Morgan
Keywords end-user mobility;evaluation study;task flows;usability

The purpose of this project was to develop the user experience of a tablet version of the Broker Dealer, based on the competitive and technological environment, and the need for increased end-user mobility. The product will help the organisation to maintain its status of being an innovator and pioneer in investment banking, financial services for consumers, and revenue generation.

The project began by understanding Business and Competitive Analysis to identify the organisations standing in competition. An evaluation study was done to understand the existing system, and usersí behaviours and their needs when they are on the move. The project also included understanding the iPad and its uses, based on which, scenarios were created for use in developing interactions for the application.

User personas and scenarios were generated after analysing the content gathered, following which, task flows were made that helped in concept generation and proposing potential features. The most challenging part of the project was to provide vital tasks based on identifying priority of tasks for the user because of the limitations of iPadís specifications in processing power, screen size, and other aspects. A conscious effort was made on the usability of the application and in keeping it simple. The final derivative was an interactive prototype which offered additional valuable features integrated with mobility solutions.

The experience of working with J. P. Morgan has been delightful. A new knowledge base was explored while working in an investment banking firm and it has helped understand the efficient use of alternate resources in a company. Working on an iPad platform has helped in exploring the experience, differences, and challenges of usage and design for this platform.
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