Samyak Jain |

Initiating Interactions: Designing a Rooftop Cafeteria to Improve Corporate Work Culture

Guide Nijoo Dubey
Sponsor Entasis India Pvt. Ltd
Keywords Context-Intent-Content programme;interactive space;spatial elements;spatial manifestation

This project translates corporate work culture into a spatial manifestation using Exhibition Design principles and spatial design tools and processes. Through the Context-Intent-Content programme, research at various levels was done, including primary case studies, contextual analysis, understanding spatial perceptions, office environment, and work culture. Based on this research, it was established that a space where informal interactions between the employees could occur, did not exist.

Therefore, the cafeteria was the appropriate interactive space for the employees, facilitating casual conversations, thereby improving the work culture of the company. The space design of the cafeteria was based on spatial narrative principles, using the appropriate space making tools. The organic forms of the floor and the layout of individual sections in the space, motivate the visitors to sit together, thereby facilitating interaction between the different user groups.

The project encompasses the design of not only the focused eating space, but also the service zones of the cafeteria such as the food serving zone and the washing area; it also suggests a garden layout for the space. Details about the individual spatial elements to their exact materials and processes and costs have also been given.

This project has been an immense learning experience in critically analysing design processes with regard to the fundamentals of space design and in the application of these principles through their contextual interpretations on a variety of problem solving modules. This learning and the cumulative effect of many more has been enriching and has helped in the acquiring of the necessary tools to confidently make a mark in the industry.
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